Social media is a digital marketing tool that has been used to enhance business growth over the past few decades. Most businesses take advantage of it to connect to their target audience, increase awareness and make massive profits from their products and services. In summary, social media branding is crucial to getting your business ahead in these times.

Social media branding has to do with connecting effectively with your target audience across different social platforms. It is seen by how your target audience perceives your brand, relates to it, and consequently patronizes your business. Owing to the large number of businesses utilizing social media as a marketing tool, this may not be an easy feat to attain, but with proper strategies, any business can gradually build its way up.

So, what are some social media branding strategies that you should put in place?

  1. Customize your profile page:
    When people get to a page on social media, they look out for what that page is about. This determines if it’s a page they will be interested in or one they would quickly move on from. Your bio and profile picture is very important here. Let people know what you do and what you’re interested in. Be particular about the profile picture being used. As your profile picture is one of the first things your prospects or clients will notice when they visit your page, it’s always a good idea to use your logo to build trust and foster loyalty.
  2. Create a consistent brand personality:
    Have you ever heard someone speak, and without physically seeing the person, you instantly guess who the person is? That is exactly what brand personality is about. Your articles, blogs, tone of voice, and even the personality being projected are what make people tell your brand apart. A great example is Durex. Durex is not afraid to be controversial and never fails to include humor and wit in their ads. You can almost tell a Durex ad when you see it. Usually, your target audience determines the personality you project. A brand looking to engage teenagers will sound fun and light-hearted, while one looking to engage business executives will probably sound more serious.
  3. Use Visuals for your content:
    Visuals are important for social media branding. Statistics have shown that more people connect with visuals than just written content. So endeavor to use attractive images and videos as they capture people’s attention easily. Remember to post consistently and engage with your audience in the comments. This shows that you are genuinely interested in them and not just aiming to sell them a product.

As you consistently apply these three tips, you will see your brand grow steadily, produce the results you want and position your business as the brand of choice among consumers.

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