What goes through your mind on Sunday night as you await the inevitable end of your long-awaited weekend? For most people, there’s an anxiety that comes with a new week and it leaves them demotivated throughout the week. However, not everyone experiences the Sunday blues, and that’s because they’ve learnt how to prepare themselves for an amazing week.

Here are five easy ways you can set the tone for your week –

1) Review the previous week:
This simple task can help you celebrate your wins and constructively analyze things you didn’t do so well. It prevents you from being constantly overwhelmed and helps you understand what to avoid in the coming week. Engaging in this review makes you feel confident to walk through the new week.

2) Rest:
Waking up on a Monday morning with fatigue can ruin your day before it even begins, and by extension, your week. Rest inspires creativity and productivity. So, it’s really important that you take out time to relax, clear your head and get some well-deserved sleep. Engage in self care and ensure your body is fit to take on the work of a new week.

3) Plan:
Starting out your week without putting plans in place can lead to chaos. It reduces your focus and leads to heightened stress. It’s important to create planning time. Get into a quiet place and visualize your week. Take cognizance of projects you need to work on. Set time schedules for how each day will run. What important and urgent tasks will take your energy period? What tasks can be left till later? What will you not engage in at all? Create your to do lists and decide on the what, when, who, where and how. And most importantly, write it down! Planning will leave you walking into a new week like a boss!

4) Wake up early:
Usually, you will find it easy to wake up early if you rested during the weekend. Set an alarm and try not to hit the snooze button. Waking up early prevents the rush that could destabilize your whole day. It helps you to have a productive, inspiring morning that gives you a boost of energy as you step into the week.

5) Engage in some early morning motivation:
Many people don’t have a morning routine that keeps them inspired and ready to take on a new week. However, engaging in a motivating morning routine leaves you feeling energized and ready to work. It could be meditation, listening to a podcast over coffee or smoothie, exercise or even journaling. These activities help to channel your mind in an optimistic direction and gear you towards success.

So, while you’re enjoying your weekend partying with friends on Friday nights, playing tug-of-war with a nice bowl of amala and ewedu at a Saturday Owambe or simply spending time with family on Sunday afternoon, don’t forget to set yourself up for success in the coming week with these five tips!

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