Whether you like it or not, bloggers and Influencers are here to stay.

Here’s why🙂:


Influencers have a major role to play in promoting brands, these Influencers are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise in their various niche. They’ve built their audience who solely trusts them to only bring them the best and they have the ability to connect the brand to your target audience. Brands are becoming increasingly savvy about strategies to connect with consumers. Influencer marketing is helping brands to connect with consumers – and create a stream of trusted recommendations and product endorsements that move people to action.

Bloggers :

The world of blogging has become very competitive in Nigeria, but each blogger is creative and brilliant with a niche that has been that would always bring you back to their blogs. Most of these bloggers are well-known, they create content that easily get people talking and attract regular advertisers. They represent Nigeria and you can get a glimpse into Naija daily life, latest news and events on their blogs. The reason bloggers are so important is that they provide a significant source of online buzz, Bloggers also take pride in their ability to discover the new and trendy things which makes them the perfect source for information.

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