In our digital world, it has become increasingly difficult to build a brand without the use of social media. Brands can harness social media platforms to build visibility, connect and engage with their target audience as well as market their products and services. However, managing a brand in the early stages of growth could get overwhelming due to the high level of competition to earn the attention and trust of their target audience. In order to achieve set objectives, engaging influencers is a great choice to make.

Influencers are individuals who have built their personal brands on social media. They have a large following and are known and trusted by their followers. Due to their interactions with a large community of people, a positive review from them can influence the patronage of products and services. Engaging the right influencers can lead to positive results for your brand.
So what are the things to take note of when choosing the right influencers?

1) Set your objectives:
It is really helpful to clearly outline why you want to work with an influencer. Your reasons could range from increasing visibility and attracting more followers to marketing products and services or simply creating awesome content. Your objectives should take into consideration your target audiences’ preferences so you can choose an influencer who works that same way. Setting clear objectives helps you target the right influencer for the job.

2) Carry out intensive research:
Contrary to popular opinion, a big name is often not enough to work with an influencer. You need to know the influencer’s rates, observe the engagement on their pages and ensure that their target audience is useful to your brand. For example, the target audience of a hair care influencer may not be relevant to a brand that deals with clothing accessories for men.
Also, carry out research to discover other brands that have worked with them previously and observe how much progress was made. It is also a good idea to observe them to know if their values align with your brand.

3) Engage with them:
After making a decision on the influencer you will like to work with, engage with them genuinely. Follow them on their social media pages. Relate with their content, and when you approach them to work with you, make an offer that shows what they stand to gain also. This makes it a win-win situation for everyone. It’s important that they understand what you do and resonate with it so they can display authenticity while promoting your brand.

So as you consider moving your brand a few steps ahead in the social media space, these tips can help bring about a profitable result and even forge valuable relationships with influencers.

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