Is “bad PR” damaging?

It is no news that bad news spreads fast in this digital age. With the advent of social media, Managing potentially negative PR situations has become tough for many businesses. 

Though it has been said that there is no such thing as “bad PR”, those at the receiving end of the criticisms that have arisen as a result – beg to differ.

The entire point of PR is to put the brand out there in a positive light. Bad PR however, does the complete opposite. It begins its destructive cascade right from the brand image. Once a brand is perceived in a negative light, it loses its credibility, and as a result, the business may end up losing customers, ultimately resulting in financial losses. So, to answer the question presented at the beginning, bad PR is damaging.

However, that’s not to say that  businesses haven’t benefited from bad PR. Way back in  1985, Coca-Cola released a sweeter version of their product, but it wasn’t until three months later that they realised they had made a huge mistake. They received letters, phone calls and emails from customers saying that the drink tasted horrible. So, what did they do? They reverted back to the original taste and rebranded it as Coke classic. This was certainly met with a lot of positivity, It got so much attention that an entire TV show was interrupted to announce the news, and sales for the beloved fizzy drink!

In the end, bad PR turning into great PR is ultimately dependent on how it’s handled!

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Media Panache's 5 Year Anniversary

It feels like just yesterday we were an upcoming PR brand consisting of five individuals on a Whatsapp group, and today we are an agency that has worked with more than thirty brands, businesses and celebrities. It’s true what they say that time flies when you’re having fun, and fun is all we have had on this inspiring journey.

Through grit, determination and hardwork, we have moved from Whatsapp to a cute boys’ quarter office and then finally to a nice-looking office space. However, our office space isn’t the only thing that has changed about us. In the last five years, we have handled what most people would have termed impossible for a “baby agency” like ours. Just within five years, we have undergone several amazing projects and have been recognized as a PR brand to be reckoned with in Nigeria.

We worked with veteran comedian; Alibaba on his sold out January 1st concert. In February of the same year, we won the MAYA Award for Best PR Brand – a feat we couldn’t have imagined without the help of our awesome team members. We also worked with 2Face Idiaba’s team to publicise the Eargasm event.

2018 was our year of movement. It was this year that we moved to our new office. The year also came with more awards, recognitions and additional clients. Our founder, Timilehin Bello was listed amongst the top 25 innovators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by Holmes Report. He also won the Rising PR Practitioner Award of the year at NIPR Lagos Prestigious Gala. In 2019, he was also featured in an interview with the fantastic TechPoint Africa team.

Like the popular phrase goes, “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” – this is particularly true in the case of our amazing team members. We don’t just have an award-winning CEO, we also have an award-winning team members. Our General Manager Peniel Bello was nominated for the Future Awards Africa Prize for Entrepreneurship.

Awards, recognitions , clients and of course quality relationships have characterised our five years of existence, and we definitely are not resting on our oars.

As we look forward to many more amazing years as a team , company and brand, we will continue to inspire others and keep shining our light as we journey to becoming Africa’s leading PR agency.

Five years old? No way! We are five years strong!!!

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